【YOMU-SAPLI】★The world of taking thing as they are.

Dear Readers,

Nobody just does it.
Can you explain why you do things that's you do?


One month ago, I took a lot of more time
to write my newsletter than usual.
"I have writer's block; words wouldn't come."
I didn't put my thoughts into words
so I couldn’t tell my English teacher what I thought.

I realized the kind of reason I struggled to write after few days.
Before writing it I read a book by a famous entrepreneur
about the brainwashing of education.
He says things very clearly so I strengthened the tone of my voice and words.
Ironically I was in fact, brainwashed by the book.

"How should I write best?", I asked myself.

I was about to find my answer, I heard about a book
called "The reason I jump" from my acquaintance,
the writer was an autistic, thirteen year- old boy.
There aren’t any autistic people around me
so I don’t need to know how to communicate with them.
So I could read the book as a work in itself.

It showed me a whole new world and gave a shock to my heart.
He expresses things without exaggeration about what he feels.
He explains it in plain words even though he is in a difficult situation,so I cried.
It was very shocking to me and I felt my senses awaken.
He describes the scene taking things as he is.

That book wasn't written about something I wanted to know about,
it was written about something what I didn't have a question about,
even so I thought it was worth reading.
After all it was something I wanted to know about.

My job is a kind of like consultation
so I used to hope for answers to my client's questions.
It’s like an implicit understanding that I will answer their questions
but there are many how-to books in Japan.

Furthermore, nowadays we can google
when we want to know something
and feel like we are finding the answer.

So I don’t need to answer their questions,
I should write about things that nobody asks me about from now on.
I realized I should write about things only I receive in the world.
Finally I returned to how I used to be!


Have a great week☆彡

Thanks for reading!

Hitomi Horiguchi


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