★Don’t forget your song.

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How to survive the depressing whirl-pool.


A client blogged about what she realized after our session.

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I had gotten used to being an onlooker and not joining in with life for a long time so I just couldn’t seem to do something when someone told me that I should speak up or decide myself.

"Can I decide that?" It's safe for me to follow someone rather than myself speaking up." I had gotten used to being like that so I had a long way to becoming a leader.

I usually stood behind someone. I had been forgetting my own role and my potential abilities gradually .

"Other people are wiser than me so I listen to them. I don’t have any potential so I ask someone to do something." That’s the story of my life.

Anyway, what happens if people live like this?

I give up easily even though I would be able to do something. I’m afraid to do things that would test my ability.

Try new things? No thanks. It is a great trouble to use my mind. If I don’t do that, I won’t need to make an effort.

If someone asked me, "Are you having fun?" My answer was always "No" because I don't use my potential. It is a wasted treasure. But recently I give my all and have a lot of fun. I have revived my enthusiasm.

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She was like a bird that had forgotten how to sing. There is a song "Forgotten singing Canary" in Japan.

I heard that a poet wrote about himself in this poem so the canary was himself. That means that he got writer's block and he didn't know what to do. He wondered if he should throw the article away, isappear in the shadows or whip himself to work hard.

At last he found there were a lot of beautiful things in the world to write about. If I find something beautiful like an ivory ship, a silver oar and a moonlit sea I would be able to write a poem again.

Opting out of life is a vicious cycle and a depressing whirl-pool.So we’d better not be an extra in life,
try to find a role to play in the movie of your life. And become a star!


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Hitomi Horiguchi



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