【YOMU-SAPLI】★The art of white space.

Dear Readers,

Are you hungry?
Well, rice + rice= rice
but rice + curry = curry rice.
Which would you prefer?


A client went to a seminar of her field and then a government officer asked her to have a meeting, because he wanted to know about her successes in her company.

So she thought this was a chance that may lead to something and she should prepare a lot for the meeting.

Then she had been thinking about why they asked her, why they were interested in her work and what they want to know.
So she prepared some handouts. For example, her profile, articles, successful cases, some solutions and introducing an expert she knows.

Sounds like her preparation was perfect!

"So what do you think? Anything else?", she asked me.

"I guess if everything is perfect that is OK, but you should throw away all those things right away. Too many preparations make you struggle to achieve your goal, and you'll speak too much so you can't listen to others carefully."

"Oh! Throw away that at once! Also I prepare a lot for when others ask me things. I’ll be able to open that drawer. Anyway, listening is important, isn't it?"

"That's right. When you listen well to what others are saying, the idea would become “A+B=C.” That'll be more creative. Don’t control too much. Go with the flow."

After the session, the client emailed me.

"Yesterday, a sales man came to our office. He was fervent and seemed to prepare everything so he talked without stopping like a waterfall.
I thought about that before the meeting next week, I experienced it from the opposite side, so this is a gift for me. Listening and asking someone to get more information is very important."

Sounds like she felt a bit of deja vu.

In other words, "A+A=A, but A+B=something else."

Therefore we should allow others to contribute so that something beyond our personal imagination may come into existence.


Have a great week☆彡

Thanks for reading!

Hitomi Horiguchi


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