【YOMU-SAPLI】★Really what I want vs not what I really want.

Dear Readers,

What are you thinking?
Big thoughts or small thoughts?
Life begins at *thoughty!


"I have so many things I want to do and so many ideas come to me.
But I couldn't keep up with doing them
so I'm just excited but doing nothing
and then it's game over for me.", a client said.

"So shall we think particularly how you can do those ideas?", I said.

However sounds like he had so many ideas
but he couldn't say them smoothly and he said,
"If I make a list and set work priorities,
I might be able to do that," He said that repeatedly in the session.
But I asked him another question to focus on what he really wanted to do.

"If you have a deadline, is there a task you could finish?."

"Maybe so, but I come back home and try to do something
but more often than not I get sleepy after dinner."

"Oh, yes, we get sleepy when we eat,
but I think there is an idea you really want to do
that doesn't make you feel sleepy because you concentrate to do it.
I guess you haven’t had a big idea yet."

"Definitely, I think I am not absorbed in my work so I get sleepy.
Your feedback reminds me of my past I was not sleepy at all
when I played in a band in my 20's.
At that time, I knew it was really what I wanted to do."

"Recently you can't concentrate on working
because idle thoughts keep coming to your mind one after another."

"Oh no, these ideas are just idle thoughts!"

"First you should shut out idle thoughts from your mind.
I think yoga and meditation can work.
Yoga poses are difficult so you must concentrate to do them.
If you do yoga, that distracts you from those idle thoughts."

"Actually, my friend asked me to do yoga recently!
I've been thinking about doing yoga."

"Sounds nice!."

After this session he emailed me as follows;
"If I make a list and set work priorities.
I might be able to do that.
I said so several times but you couldn't agree with me
but after that I could talk about my after-dinner-problem."

As you put all other thoughts out of your mind,
you'll find out what you need.

All minds are good at wandering but wandering leads us to places
we have no plan to go to, so let's get a map to help us.
Life begins at *thoughty.

(*= thinking right)
This is a word coined by my English teacher;-)


Have a great week☆彡

Thanks for reading!

Hitomi Horiguchi


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