【YOMU-SAPLI】★Treat yourself.

Dear Readers,

Are you busy or do you just think you're busy?
Let's put "treat myself" on our schedules from now on!


"I’m pressed for time everyday," said my client.

So I asked her schedule between the time of getting up in the morning
and the time of going to bed at night.

Sounds like she isnt' pressed for time.

She wants to keep her bedtime so she has a hour and half free time in a day.
Paradoxically, she dosen't know what she should do at that time.

Rather than not having time, she has no room in her mind, I guess so I asked her about her meal.

A light meal in the morning everyday,
having a launch at her office every day,
similar dinner at home everyday,
she doesn’t wonder whether what she wants to eat is efficient
but on the other hand, she doesn’t ask herself what she wants to eat at all.

"Oh, sounds like you are like a father who lives away from his family for work.
You'd better add some color to your diet."

"Ha ha ! Exactly."

"Anyway, do you make drip coffee in the morning?"

"I have never made it, I just have some cafe-ou-lait at my office."

"I have some kinds of beans and chose the one I feel like at that moment.
Also I have some tea bags and I select the one according to my mood and food.
When my friends come to my house, they are surprised at my tea pot cover.
They feel it is elegant."

"Oh! I've never thought about flavors. Sounds good."

"Did you know that there is a toaster oven which can toast a slice of bread
and an egg at the same time? "

"That's awesome!"

"Drip coffee and cooking, that will finish in 5 minutes!
Hey presto! Like breakfast at a hotel! "

"How are you this morning? "
That is the first question to you everyday. 
We should always keep a "questioning attitude."

So you can acquire a feeling of doing what you really want to do.
Do you answer automatically?
Life begins when you ask yourself what you want.


Have a great week☆彡

Thanks for reading!

Hitomi Horiguchi


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