【YOMU-SAPLI】★Sick of Happiness

Dear Readers,

Happiness is fleeting.
It comes and goes like the cherry blossom, or a sugar high.
Doctors don't recommend sugar you know.


A client could understand herself better
and didn't feel rushed through my coaching session.

After all she has been having a lot of job requests
so she dosen't need to organized events by herself.
But she felt that her mind had became flaccid.

"If I get a result, I would become happy."
Maybe a lot of people think so.

However I think that in a state of being happy means
that they can't think deeply.

So I suggested that she should work all the harder.
For example, she should pick up the pace a little on her job
and walk fast, travel long distances and take an airplane, etc,.

Seems like these prescriptions have no connection with the mind
but the subconscious can understand the symbolism.

If a negative thing happens, we try to think positive
and improve it we can understand this system easily.

On the other hand, if a positive thing happen,
what should we do?  You get carried away?

After we climb a mountain we have to come down.

I think happiness isn't a goal.
When we have success we should always take it humbly
and constantly aim for higher things.

That converts into dopamine in the brain
and then we can feel happier.

Life is fleeting.


Have a great week☆彡

Thanks for reading!

Hitomi Horiguchi


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