【YOMU-SAPLI】★Just enough is OK.

Dear Readers,

What's your 'OK' count so far today?
Let's not take 'OK' for granted.


I left home and looked at my reflection in a mirror in an elevator hall.
Somehow I wanted to change my jacket so I went back home.
In a little while my door bell rang it was a delivery man.
I live in a high rise apartment so I would have to wait for ten minutes to get the package.

On that particular day, there were three packages
so the delivery man produced the delivery notices quickly and I signed them fast.

Then I had a minute to open them.
So I tried..., but “I wonder if this package is bigger than it should be.
Oh, no, it isn’t for me!”, I noticed.

I looked for the man in a hurry but he had gone.
Then I googled the delivery company and called in a hurry.
The staff of the company said that you should put out the package
in front your entrance and our staff would pick it up immediately.
When I looked at the clock five minutes had passed. I should go out.

I ran to the station and took a train smoothly.
I could get to my destination on time.
The staff texted me to apologize and I replied that I was okay for time.

Everything went well but one hour later something brought me down.
Anyway that was something that couldn’t be helped.
And so I was thinking about what phrase might turn my mood around.
After a while it came to me, "Just rewrite the script."

After two days at the register of a cafe,
I payed exactly but the cashier of the shop gave me the wrong change, 4000yen.
So I said, “I payed exactly, so you made a mistake.”
“Oh! Sorry, sorry! I’m glad you were the costumer.”, he said coyly.
I found it kind of interesting to be on the wrong end of a mistake again.

That night, my friend I was worried about texted me for the first time in a while.
She got better and decided to text me.
I texted back, “I was ready to help you anytime.”
Then she replied, “You are always a reliable friend
and I knew you accepted me so I felt secure to open up.”
When I read it, I felt happy to help her.

Next morning, when I opened my window as usual,
the phrase “OK” on a large sign came into view.
I see it everyday but I had just realized that and laughed.
I knew it was the point of my story.

I felt depressed but I thought it is going away.
I let myself go with the flow for a better future.
Life's just enough.


Have a great week☆彡

Thanks for reading!

Hitomi Horiguchi


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