【YOMU-SAPLI】★The relationship between persistence and change.

Dear Readers,

I'd rather by 'on shuffle' than sound like a scratched record.


 In June, it will have been twelve years since I started my own business. It's been a while so nobody asks me "How have you been running your own business these days?" But I think that’s one of the most important questions.

 I’d say, "I have to continue changing." I can't give the same seminar I did already. That would be such a humdrum thing for me. Time is always changing so I think I should keep changing the contents. I always offer new seminars to participants. As a result, I have a lot of repeaters. That's the secret to continuing my own business.

 Other than that, I have continued singing lessons for seven years and learning English at an English conversation school for four years. At my singing lessons I tried to sing an Italian song and musical songs that I had never tried before. In the English lesson, I quit using text books and I’ve started to write this newsletter in English since last June. Even though I changed the subject, my teachers give me polite and flexible services so I want to thank them. So if you want to have the ability to continue, you should offer yourself a new plan.

 Thinking back on it, when I was an apparel shop manager, the CEO asked the shop staff, “What would sell well next?" And we said, "We need more trousers that sold well recently."Then he said, "That's no good. Our business must think if the customers who bought the trousers want to try the next things we should offer a new style.” At that moment I encountered the way of thinking of an entrepreneur for the first time. I was very impressed.

 It’s not asking what they want. I think I should offer a new plan that customers don't imagine but they will need and like in the future.

 To offer something new for me and others because change creates persistence. Not changing is similar to standing still, but change always continues forward.


Have a great week☆彡

Thanks for reading!

Hitomi Horiguchi


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