【YOMU-SAPLI】Wonderful moments in a normal day.

Dear Readers,

Do you find yourself avoiding interactions with strangers? (I don't!)


I heard old J-pop floating from the lunch wagon.

H: "I felt nostalgic listening this music."

S: "We talked about that the other day. You know, this music is on the radio but the best song always comes on when you begin ordering."

H: "What can I say? You are just flattering me. I’ll be back."

+ + + + +

My total was 313 yen. That is my birthday number.

H: "Oh, it’s my birthday!"

S: "As for me, I have to buy more than 1000 yen. What can I say?"

+ + + + +

We were talking at an online English lesson.Basically this lesson uses fixed phrases but sometimes a student answers freely.

Teacher: "When do we use "a" before a word, and when do we use "an"? Give me an example of each."

Me: "We use “a” before a word beginning with a consonant sound, and “an" before a word beginning with a vowel sound. For example, I have a pen; I have an apple."

Teacher: That’s the best example I have ever heard so far. (lol)

+ + + + +

When I began to study English at the conversation school, I found that I struggled to be quick on my feet.Then I realized that I should learn how to be a quick thinkerin Japanese before speaking English.

If I have a chance in daily life, I try to speak to someone I don’t know to improve my communication and joke skills. And then, when we have a good conversation in only thirty seconds, I feel the day is a wonderful day.

Furthermore, if you act like this in ordinary life, how would you change? That is today's topic. Everything that happens is meant to be. If you think so, what will happen in the future?

If a tree falls in forest and nobody is there does it make sound? If you spend each day avoiding contact with people, are you really there?

Wouldn't it be sad if nobody got the chance to experience you?
Why not give "you" a chance?
What can "you" say?


Have a great week☆彡

Thanks for reading!

Hitomi Horiguchi


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