【YOMU SAPULI】It was meant to be.

Dear Readers,

If everything is meant to be there's no reason to be angry. What's your "lucky lolly holiday" story?


I didn't have any plans that day so I had been thinking that I could play with my nieces an nephew today. And guess what? My niece called me after an hour. Just at that moment I felt a curious sensation because I knew she would call me. Then I was going to habe dinner with my family.

I took a subway and I focused on checking something on my iPhne and I happened to pass the station I had to get off at. It was unusual for me. I was angry wih myself at that moment but it couldn't be changed so I thought "Go with the flow" and how it might be meant to be and I was looking forward to
what would happen next.

After all, I arrived at the station ten minutes late. I went up to the ground floor and walked toward the restaurant and I saw my family just arrive there! I came at the perfect time! That's it.

After having dinner, I played with the kids at my parents house until 10pm. They are on summer holidays. My mom drove me home and my sister rode shotgun eating an ice lolly.My mom was talking about recent news.

She said, "On the surface what happened was negative but it was meant to be. After all it was lucky for us." And I said, "Oh! You are always lucky and quick-witted." We were chuffed.

Five minutes later, my sister was smirking and said, "Oh! I hit! It's a lucky lolly-stick! What can I say!
This is the first time I've ever. I've got one!"


Have a great week☆彡

Thanks for reading!

Hitomi Horiguchi


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