【YOMU SAPLI】★Boosting your micro-economy!

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Why save money?
You can’t take it with you!


We were talking about money at my coaching session. She spends her money on learning English, hobbies, travel, food, clothing and shelter. She always feels that she is squandering money and that she is stingy.

I also use my money like her,but I don't feel it's a waste of money. She dosen’t spend her money on gambling. I think that spending money on our happiness isn’t a waste of money.What’s the difference between her and me?

The topic had become about confidence in spending money. If you buy things that you want to ecommend it to someone, you will have confidence in getting good shopping done and you won’t feel guilty.

I blog about things I buy so sometimes my readers buy the same product even if it was as much as fifty thousand yenand I recommend my teachers and acquaintances who have their own services to my readers. At that moment I noticed the difference between her and me.

That is to say, I have a cycle of money that cannot be seen. The thing is if I recommend someone or something and someone buys it, that money moves not to me but to the service.

On the other hand, she just bought it for herself and stopped there so she feels stingy. She felt that makes sense.

If you know a good product or person, you should recommend it to someone. You can do it without money.

Moreover I equate spending money with investment. I always imagine how my money will be spent after paying. I’m happy my money will be used for the person’s dream.

We say, "Money is a thing that comes and goes." You should have an image of a cycle of money and be conscious of that when you use it or your worry about money won’t be solved.

By recommending things you are Boosting your micro-economy and in a vibrant economy the money will always come back to you.


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Hitomi Horiguchi


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