【YOMU SAPLI】The art of developing grit.

Dear Readers,

"How?" always beats "why?"
"Why?" is weak and "How?" is strong.


If you study something, learn painting, do exercise, etc., in any case, developing grit is a key to success. When I was talking with my client, I noticed two elements of developing grit.

First, you shouldn’t blame yourself even though you couldn’t do it well. I mean, you shouldn’t judge yourself. If you blame yourself, you would pick your own bud by yourself. It’s important to confirm that you are here now. When you can do it, you also conform your result, make your next goal and then just do it. You should always accept your result neutrally, even if it's negative. You might be great in your next life! I'm just kidding... not kidding.

Another tip for developing grit is to devise a way to advance your work. A client who lacks staying power said, "I want to speak English well someday."

So did I! I stopped learning it and I had many tickets left for an English conversation school. Where I am now, I can come up with good ideas to motivate myself. I can’t believe I was the same person.

Last June, I finished the third text book of my English conversation school and it was time to have a confirmation test.

But I coudn’t imagine I would use a text book after the examination. So I asked myself, "How can I keep enjoying studying it?"

The answer I came up with was unexpected for me. That was to "Stop using a text book."

"So what will you do?", I asked myself.

And then I was reminded of my wish to write my article in English and share them with the world. It’s difficult for me to blog in English every single day so I tried to write my newsletter once a week.

But I felt it was week motivation because It would be just self-satisfying. So I tried to think about after being able to write in English. I would have some non-Japanese clients.

If I set my goal there, my other wishes would come true before that goal. And I decided to ask my English teacher to help with my work.

"I want you to help with my work and this lesson will make money."


"That’s great!"

I didn’t imagine the future but after two months, I met a YouTuber I had wanted to meet at Bon-dance.
What a coincidence! And then he came to my seminar. So I got a non-Japanese client and a business partner who is an English-speaker. My wishes came true at the same time.

Developing grit will provide a means of attracting things and people and make a brilliant future for you.

If you do nothing, there's nothing to be enjoyed. Zero equals Zero.

Planning something, or anything gives you a chance but the key to enjyoyment is to continue. The key to continuing is to focus on the possibilities, rather than the problems. The possibilities are the reasons to continue.That's grit!

Try to imagine a rope with your future tied to it. Without grit you can't pull it towards you.

P.S. On the 21st Oct, We're going to give a co-seminar in Tokyo. The title is "Blogger meets YouTuber!"  Don’t miss it!


Have a great week☆彡

Thanks for reading!

Hitomi Horiguchi


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