★The art of creation out of images.

Dear Readers,

A list on it's side looks like a cage,
but your mind’s eye is an infinite space like the cosmos.


When I started as a sales associate, I made a customer try on a lot of clothes before buying them
because I didn’t know which clothes the customer looked good in.

Therefore I took my time to help customers. On the other hand, another staff could make them buy many clothes in a short time.

One day I was making a layout sketch of my store on Excel to discuss the layout with my staff, but she had finished designing an efficient layout for selling clothes while I was making the sheet.

Can you guess the difference between I and my staff about how to use one's mind?

I was beginning to understand that my staff who were good at outfitting could know whether clothes would look nice on customers before trying them on. Because they could imagine them like a dress-up doll in their mind before fitting.

The staff who designed the layout also could imagine in her mind and then she arranged and coordinated it.

I used to write a plan on a piece of paper but they could imagine plans in their mind and realize it in the real world.

I assumed I had to write a plan from a business perspective and it was the best way for me to work smoothly. So I hadn’t thought about other possibilities. I thought I would be able to do it as we are all human beings and I began to practice.

I imagined I was there and doing something in my mind and I noticed that I could do that but I hadn't used my mind.

And then my mind had changed dramatically. I used to be a left-brain person in business but I tried to use the right side of my brain and then I sensed that I connected the right and left hemispheres. As a result I became popular with my fashion blog.

I live to make the images I conjure in my mind's eyes, appear in the real world. Those images attract people and things.

My brain plays the piano not me, a pianist once said. I don’t pick the images, the images pick me.


Have a great week☆彡

Thanks for reading!

Hitomi Horiguchi


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