★The art of ch-challenging!

Dear Readers,
Going with the flow isn't like jumping into a river.
You ARE the river!


A client had been writing about her business experience and tips to make a book. She gave a seminar to figure out what to write but she felt something about it didn't sound right.Then I helped her to make an index but she couldn't keep writing. We had a session to expand a new idea.

"If you struggle with creating something, you should create something new rather than forcing the adjustment, in other words you throw away things you did and then you should create totally different things."

When I said so, she felt refreshed. Then a manuscript she wrote was totally different as if by another person. I didn’t think she had it in her.

A client has been looking for a new job but she couldn't find it, because she felt weary of doing the same work as usual.

"You choose the same industry, don't you? Because you have experienced it in the past. But you can challenge yourself to more and more different things."

You shouldn't conform to the way of the world you should conform to your soul. I think if one conforms to one's soul one can go with the flow that one makes.

"Cut away the past, create the new future." Children don’t have the past so they always try to do something new easily.

What should we do to feel like a new person. You have to throw away garbage before the day is done.
If you feel refreshed every single day, it's possible to grow more than you have imagined.Ichiro said that a single certain foot step takes one a long way into the future.

You can change yourself tomorrow. Go on, *ch-challenge yourself.



Have a great week☆彡
Thanks for reading!
Hitomi Horiguchi


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