★The art of creating a dimension.

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How will your life change in 2018?
If you want to change dramatically,
you should change a dimension.


We had a session about how to develop our minds in 2018. First she asked me about what she couldn’t understand at our event.

"The spiritual counseler said that the reason not to go with theflow is to work for my boss or ingratiate myself with my boss.I didn’t understand the meaning of it."

"If you work to ingratiate yourself with your boss that means you go with another's flow. It's not your flow. Sounds like you see your boss rather than your customers. I used to work like that too, so I didn't go with the flow and things had got worse and worse. One day I realized I worked for my customers not my boss. If I think and do to make my customers happy, my boss is on the same team and I thought about how to cooperate with my boss. Then my way of thinking had totally changed. "

"I see. The way of thinking is radically different."

"Absolutely. When I began to think like an entrepreneur, I had changed what I did and the result. I'd say if people want to develop, it’s nesessarry to think from another dimension. For example, from a selfish way of thinking to doing something altruistic or from consuming a culture to creating a culture. "

If you want to change dramatically, you should add a whole new dimension. A carosel gose around and around the same axis, a carousel is good enough and comfortable but it dosen’t take you into the sky. And wise man once said you have to get off the carousel before you can become one.


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Hitomi Horiguchi


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