The state of mind of 'I’ve changed.' not 'trying to change.'

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If you get stuck on one goal, you might be swimming up stream, having a vision lets you go with the flow.


A reporter asked Ichiro about his sealing "glide-step and quick swing" in the Major Leagues. And Ichiro said, "I''d say that I didn''t try to change but I''ve changed." "I tried to change." is totally different from I''ve changed." I was impressed with what he said and I felt that was deep. But the book said very lightly "He explained it in an Ichiro like poetic way."

My understanding is that he had focused on possibilities in everyday occurrences and consequently he had changed. In other words, he didn’t try to change in order to change.

If people think we should change, we control the change. And then we finally reach a goal but we might be tired in mind and body like a salmon run.

Times change, you are in a different mood and a different environment and there''s a million ways to do something. So we should keep choosing possibilities rather than get set on one idea.

How can you get to the state of mind of "I''ve changed."

You enter your future direction into the GPS. There a million ways to reach there so you just try to choose the best every time. Your inspiration and some coincidences lead you. That''s a sign from behind you.

I also think that I’ve changed. It derives from my vision that I give a good session to my clients. I tried to strengthen the bond in front of me and as a consequence I''ve changed.

I never imagined something like this would happen. I happened to meet a guy who is a world champion of ballroom dance at a shushi restaurant and that happening made me decide to go to an English conversation school and then I decided to write a newsletter in English and somehow I started drawing illustrations.

Recently I’m trying to make a note book to propose a new idea to the world. You might think that I acted on impulse but actually before starting my own business my boss I respected made a prediction that "I’m sure that you will propose a way of living to the world in the future."

So the source is within you.


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Hitomi Horiguchi


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