YOMU-SAPULI Vol.2 ★A snippet of daily life

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I suggested an idea to my clients
who have their own businesses,
I suggested they upload
their daily routine work
for their customers
because their customers are only
usually shown completed articles
so they don’t have a chance
to see the processes involved.

At my last event, a client
who is a flower arranger
was arranging flowers
in a vase while I was talking.

One of the participants said
the sound of cutting with scissors
made me feel comfortable
and then I got an idea to make a
movie of her snip,snip,snipping away
at flowers.

The movie is very her.
Can you see her sense of
design in her snipping?

After the session
the clients emailed me.

“Just showing what I do everyday”
The phrase brought a tear to my eye.
It’s quite simple and I made a movie
but my video made me chuckle to myself.

We learn something
while we are doing it,
or, we can’t see the forest
until we step inside.

Moreover, people will see the
next goal after they do the first thing.
In other words, we can’t know
where to go until we make the first step.

Sounds like people who make
something enjoy life the most.


Thank you for always reading.
Have a good week!

Hitomi Horiguchi


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