YOMU-SAPULI Vol.4 ★Rescue your creative ideas.

Hey readers!

How’s everything going?
It's getting more like summer day by day.
Wishing you healthy summer.


A client emailed me ,
he said thathe wants to have a new idea,
something refresh but he only has one idea.
He was stuck.

We already talked about the idea
so it’s not new to me
but a few minutes later
I came to the sudden realization
there is a truth in the mail
and I replied as follows :

Anyway, you’ve already had an idea
so let’s do that without judging it too much.
Just go with the flow!

I wrote that and then
the idea moved ahead.
“How can we do that?”

It was bedtime and happened to
open my iPad to listen to music
to put me to sleep.

And then, I found a movie
that related to my client
so I watched it and
clicked the next link and
I did that a few times and finally
found a movie something like that!

The movie was close to what we would do.
The clouds in my vision were becoming clear blue skies.

An idea was rescued and I emailed
that idea source to my client.
He also agreed with it.

Don’t wait for the next idea
take a step forward
with the idea you have,
intuition and momentum
“will do the rest”.


Thank you for always reading.
Have a good week!

Hitomi Horiguchi


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