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Dear readers,
Any plans to go to an exhibition this summer?
If so let's talk about inspiration....


I went to the exhibition of Paul Smith.
It was like I explored his brain.
That was fantastic.

The "input" part of the exhibition,
for ideas for making things; paintings,
photos, and kitsch stuff.

The latter half was his products, shops,
Paris collection, etc.
That was the "output" part.

I thought the structure of the exhibition
was easy to understand
because that showed the flow of
his input-output cycle.

He has a camera with him at all times
and was always taking photos
where he was in the world,
it's his visual dairy.

Even though he doesn't think anything,
he catches many things which would be able to
connect him to a big idea.

What's a great system!

Anyway, when does input become clutter?
How do you find an idea in a cluttered mind?
It's difficult to choose a gift
if you don't know who you will give it to.

Inspiration is free but not an inspiration is useful
to the job in hands, so only collect the inspiration
that is relevant to the job in hand,
if you don't know what the job in hand is
you can't choose what to collect.

How can I come up with a great idea?
I bought a book,"How to get ideas" before.

It said,"An idea is nothing more nor
less than a new combination of old elements".

One day a great idea came to me.
I could find it within me.

And then I launched my blog so I output everyday.
I prepared a notebook to find ideas and took photographs
when it could help creating my article.

Now I've been writing two blogs
for 12 years every single day.
I can collect material for a blog anywhere.
It's like the material says hello to me.

Sounds like to keep asking
and not to stop creating
makes a great idea constantly.


Have a good week!

Hitomi Horiguchi


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