YOMU-SAPULI ★Other-Power and Self-Power

Dear Readers,

Did anyone see the super moon?
Let's not forget that, that beautiful moonlight actually is light from the sun.
Even the moon accepts help, you know.


How did you find your mentor?
My clients usually ask me this kind of question.
I didn’t look for the mentor by myself so I say,
"I found them naturally. I can't describe how."
I mean there is no way of finding a mentor.

When I gave a seminar for the first time in my life,
I didn’t say I’ll try to give a seminar,
but someone told me, "You should give a seminar."
Then I said,"I’ve been thinking about that for a few months."

And then, they said when and where would be best
to give a seminar to some apparel shop staff ,
and they suggested a good place.
I didn't have a coach yet so one of them became my coach.

My mentor, Mr. Kanai gave a speech as a guest speaker,
and my coach, Mr. Harima was a facilitator at my first seminar.

Mr.Kanai advised me that my first seminar was important
so I should gather participants who are on my side
and then that would be a successful seminar.

As he said, a first successful experience is a continuing driving force.

One client who is an entrepreneur,
only gives online seminars,
so he’s hesitating to give offline seminars.

He said, "I’m going to Canada in February
so I'll try to give an offline seminar
but I don’t know if participates will come."

I remembered that I was also a little uneasy at first
but somebody said to me, "You should try! I can help you!"

Then I suggested to him that he should try giving a seminar in Tokyo first,
that was the only thing he could do now then he would give it in Canada.

I continued to say, "I was helped by many people,
so I'll help you, it's my turn.

When I said that naturally,
I felt an understanding of a state of mind of my mentors
when they helped me.

As I happened to meet him at Bon-dance,
he found me naturally.

As a person who has succeeded by their own exertion,
they can meet other people who help them,
in this sense "Other-Power" means the work done by others,
not by oneself.

If you are helped a lot by other people,
you have a chance to say,"Thank you."

Someone once said, that the firefly
that's too lazy to turn his light on never finds a mate.

Like the fireflies a little effort is required
to attract the right person,
but once you turn the light on people will find you.


Have a good week!

Hitomi Horiguchi


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