You may have changed your future whether or not you’ve noticed it now.

They say, one hand washes the other, we can’t escape the reality of the give and take cycle of life.

My client once said, “Sounds like I’m making a film without a film.” If you just go forward without looking back, you might overlook something much more important.

Another of my clients climbed Mt.Fuji for the first time and it was a success. Last coaching session we talked about how if you come up with an idea, you should do it as fast as possible. So he suddenly went there without sunscreen, as one expected he had bad sunburn. Except for that, it was a very lucky day. 

He started climbing early in the morning so he should have waited for a bus to go to the starting point of a trail up the mountain but he was lucky to pick up a ride from group of climbers. So he started climbing earlier than he thought he would.

It was hard for him to climb by himself but he met the group again and they lead him so he could climb better than he might do alone.

I said to him, “So you took very nice photos and made good memories so why don’t you make a memory album like that?”
But he didn’t have this idea at all. 

On the other hand, I’m, an expert at looking back, so to speak. I blog, make albums, videos and share them with somebody. By doing so, I usually notice something I hadn’t noticed at the time. And my memories get updated and better than before. And also I find points for improvement. I realized that acknowledgment makes for a better future.

After the session, somehow I read the feedback for him that I wrote and I realized yet again! 

He said, “I was lucky because a climber lead me to climb.” And guess what, on the previous day he lead a stranger who came from Okinawa because that guy didn’t know the place well where they went both cycling. Coincidentally my client had come up with the cycling idea that day and so that’s why he met the guy. It was a sign from the future! I realized this after the session and I sent an email about that to him. 

Me: “Before you climbed Mt.Fuji, you lead the cycling guy so you were helped by the alpinists. What goes around comes back around.”
Client: “If I do good things, good things will come to me. I’m happy to begin a good circle of give and take.”

He hadn’t realized that. Maybe you have overlooked something too, haven’t you? 

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