YOMU-SAPULI ★An input and an output are next door neighbors.

Dear Readers,

Let's make an input/output list for 2017
and Let's put something 'new'into the new year!


A client has been studying to pass some national qualifications in the near future
but he dosen’t use those skills now.

They are very difficult exams.
However, I think it’s difficult to input the skills without using them now.

Sounds like when I studied English in my school days,
I studied it to use it one of these days but actually it was none of those days.
Even so it did help me for an English exam.

On the other hand, if people learn something and do it on the same day,
it means the distance between input and output are quite near.

My 2-year old nephew tries to speak what he hears now
and my 5-year old niece wants her grand mother
to be surprised at a magic trick that I've just taught her.

I think children's input and output cycle happen
at the same time that something is completed.
So when we become a grown-ups,
we too should make an opportunity for output.

Even adults can adequately enjoy learning something new.
If they have a recital and even if it's a hobby
it could improve their skill more than doing nothing.
If your school doesn't give any recitals,
you should plan a recital by yourself.
Spectators inspire you and you inspire the spectators.

Anyway, I think the feeling of an input is to "be excited" and
the feeling of an output is a "grin".

Moreover the input is within the limits of myself
but the output is for others.

If you will share that with others,
that happy feeling will spread around the world.

You can't learn to dance just by watching.
Passive learning is only half the battle.
There are no victories without activity.
Use it or lose it.

Before you start to learn something
you should decide to output at the same moment.
So it's like a limpid stream without stopping,
your creativity won't dry up.


Have a great week!!!
Hitomi Horiguchi


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