【YOMU-SAPLI】★Are you prepared to take any kinds of feedback?

Dear Readers,

When the world says hello,
what do you want to say back?
And when you say goodbye to the world,
what do you want to leave with it?


I've been blogging about my coaching sessions for 12 years
because I want people to know about life coaching more.

But we are, of course, obligated to keep it secret
so if we write about our clients, it's necessary to obtain permission
so I hardly ever read a blog like mine.
That's why I continue writing and I follow my heart.
Somehow I feel that it is my mission.

Sometimes I got negative feedback that frightened me
so for 2 years it took 5 hours a day to write my blog.

Rules restricted my artistic nature and I felt pressured
but I wouldn't quite until I got things right.

However because of the rules,
my article as a report changed into a new work.
I began to acquire understanding or skills from experience
and nobody told me it was wrong.

But once a year I received an e-mail that I didn't want to receive.
When I blogged in English about my trip for the first time,
my reader that I hadn't met e-mailed me and it said your phrase was wrong.

It was a long e-mail so I could imagine she interviewed many native
speakers to explain how to use it correctly and I thanked and replied.
However I knew neither she nor I were mistaken in my heart,
creativity is never correct or incorrect.

I talked to my English teacher about what happened
and he taught me a message that would give me permission to be creative.
His encouraging message gave me strength to break out of
my despairing mood and awakened me to be creative.

Someone once said that sometimes positive feedback is just politeness
but negative feedback can be trusted and is always genuine.
Negative feedback shouldn't stop you in your tracks
it should point you in the right direction like a compass
and without it you might lose your way.

People who play safe don't get negative feedback so I say, welcome it!
It'll help you get to where you're going like a milestone.


Have a great week!!!
Hitomi Horiguchi


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