【YOMU-SAPLI】★1 day 1 unit

Dear Readers,

What day is it ?
No, it is Today.
And from now on let's make everyday today.


"I didn't miss a day of school in all of my 12 years there."

"Oh, really, you went to school everyday?"

"Yeah, I went to school everyday from 6 to 18 years old."

"Wow! Amazing! Amazing!"

"It was every day's goal for me when I was a kid."


"My mum cheered me up and if I was sick, she drove me to school
and she enjoyed helping me to achieve my goal.
So I made a personal foundation when I was a kid.
I had to take care of my health and mind to go to school,
I was always preparing for the next day."

"I see, I see. It's interesting because I think
people don't think about each day as a unit.
They think about a week as a unit or a month as a unit.

Maybe if you think about each day as one unit it's better
because if a unit is a week that means I can be lazy today
because tomorrow I will work hard but if a unit is one day,
you have to work hard everyday.

That's a new theory, new concept. I've never heard of it.
That's a good one, it's a very inspiring one.

But also I think another point about that is, you see,
if you miss one day of school in the future
it is easy to miss another day but if you never miss a day
you don't want to ever miss a day."

I talked about that at my English conversation school.
I was impressed with what my teacher said because I had thought
that this was simply a means of impressing at a job interview.
Actually my perfect attendance for 12 years lead me to the concept of
my personal foundation and lead towards me a good future.

Coincidentally, I have been blogging 2 blogs for 12 years every single day.
It's also based on my 1 day 1 unit theory.
If I feel down, I don't feel like blogging
so I have to enhance my mental alertness immediately.

People around me help me and listen about my bad day
and give me some advice so I can go forward in a day.

1 day 1 unit can't be achieved without help from people
and so I say "Thank you" every single day.

"Going to school every single day",
this simple goal leads to a certain future.


p.s. Today's my birthday! ;-)
Happy birthday to me!

Have a great week☆彡

Thanks for reading!

Hitomi Horiguchi


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