【YOMU-SAPLI】★You never know!

Dear Readers,

You don't have to be Woody Allen to begin to direct the movie of your life.
Let's take a fantastic step towards our dreams and reality will catch up!


Last month, I suddenly decided to go to Brooklyn because I think that if I am to become a great writer,
I should go to where the great director, Woody Allen was raised. To me, he is an ideal director. He makes a film each year even though he is 81 years old so he's aged well over the years.

If I don't take the first step towards the next level, it's difficult to imagine becoming a writer, but if I do it, I will begin to feel "It's strange if I DON'T become a writer. "

In May, fifteen years ago, I took a paid holiday for two months before starting to work for an apparel company. Then I went to NY to study English for a short-term and to research some apparel shops on fifth ave. The reason I chose NY was that if I were an apparel shop manager, I should study English and research about fashion. It was not my area so I felt very strange when I went to visit some famous shops in Manhattan.

On the 1st of July, I started to work as a salesperson. I got straight to work making out a report and I gave it to the CEO. Then in September I became a shop manager. It was faster than I guessed. I had never dreamed this small step would lead to be an entrepreneur after four years.

Thinking back on it, back then I was thinking there was no doubt I would become a shop manager."I want to be what I hope to be, but I'm not sure..." if you think like that, you should stop it and take the first step as if "It must be so." And you might convince yourself.

Anyway, I booked a suite in a B&B in Brooklyn. Actually I booked a room first but a moment later I changed my mind."If you were a writer you would book a king size suite!", my future told me. So I asked the owner of the hotel a few hours after I booked it and the offer was accepted. Somehow it has finally calmed down.

Now I can imagine I’m writing some good articles in that room as if I live in Brooklyn. You never know!


Have a great week☆彡

Thanks for reading!

Hitomi Horiguchi



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