★The art of open mind or An open roof is an open mind.

Dear Readers,

This is a sign or at least it could be a sign
if you interpret it that way.


My client had been thinking about how to come out of her shell so she felt she could have an open mind.

"You tried to be active to other people but it’s time to think about how to gather people around you."

"I’ve never thought about that direction."

When I heard about having an open mind, that reminded me what I noticed in the past.

Five years ago, I focused on developing myself. I never gave a seminar and I hadn’t invited people to anything.

Around then, a client who is an entrepreneur asked me to go to a shrine famous for good fortune near Mt.Fuji.

If I was what I am now, I would have answered "Sure" immediately but I thought about it for a minute at that time.But in fact I had been waiting for a chance to go out so I went with the flow.

And guess what! He hired a foreign convertible car for me because he said that if it was a compact car
it would have been rude to me.

But we didn’t seem to open the roof. I noticed that on a mountain path and we laughed. What a waste!
Then we opened the roof and drove the car in the mountain path where we felt negative ions and we felt kind of high and close to God.

However we had opened it five minutes before it started raining. This was a sign. I realized that I couldn't get anything without opening my mind.

The client who was listening to my experience in this session said,"If I got wet with rain, I would feel I was unlucky. But for you, it’s "Blessed rain".

When you open your mind, which do you feel, fear or blessing? We interpreted blessing and we enjoyed a pleasant journey on the Tokyo highway with the convertible car at night!

Unlike Newton, we don't need to be struck on the head with an apple,to know it's a sign but not all signs are as obvious. And how we interpret the sign is important to our future.


Have a great week☆彡

Thanks for reading!

Hitomi Horiguchi


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