★The art of going all out.

Dear Readers,

To go all out is to be fearless,
to be fearless is to be brave.
Life begins at *"Outy."

Being "Outy" is an altitude, a lifestyles change.
Let’s go "Outy!"

*going all out.


My client blogged about the reason she couldn’t have gone all out.

I’m being stingy or rather I hold back.
Is that a kind of insurance?
I wonder why I don’t get results,
even though I am going all out.
If I went all out, people around me would say something.
I’m afraid of being told something by other people.
I feel as if they seem to criticize what I did and about my character.

At our session, we were talking about how to go all out.

"I’m terrible at putting things into words. But I noticed a sign that it’s time to overcome my weakness to go to the next stage."

"I see. Don’t you talk much?"

"Yes, if people around me talk too much I try to keep quiet and refrain from saying anything about it."

"I see, seems like you judge yourself."

"But my boss said that I will get used to writing daily reports."

"I see. That makes sense."

Somehow our conversation was laid-back, but I sensed when she got excited.

"But you can write feedback about my seminar and sent it as soon as possible and that's pretty good!"

"Oh! I can do that! Because I get excited when I’m interested in something."

"You can write when you get excited, can’t you. So you can write but you don’t write a useless things.
You don’t do your best."

"That’s right. I am relieved to hear that. I can put things into words."

"Yes you can. You should push the motivation switch by yourself even though you write daily report.
A unique daily reports such as you write in English, draw an illustration, novel style and so on. And then you will be getting more and more interested in the report. If you go all out, you will broaden your potential anywhere."

When we have a fear, seriousness stays in the background. If you think of an idea that can’t be compared with others, people would be speechless. People who do their best all the time swim in the sea of possibility.


Have a great week☆彡

Thanks for reading!

Hitomi Horiguchi


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