Equation for handling rejection.

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(Neutral + Accept it - Let it go) × Focus on possibilities = New idea!


"My employee told me that he decided to quit our company, that gave me a shock as a manager.
I have often felt this emotion but I know I have to nurture new employees after all. What is this emotion that I'm stuck with? What can I say?"

Of course, in her mind she gets it, even if she worries in the future, there is no helping it.

"I guess I try not to show my negative emotions to my staff and I try to work so hard alone. By the way, I was impressed that you blogged everyday even though negative things happened to you. You said that you’ve got writer’s block but you write! You made me laugh."

" Ha ha ha ! You put things well. That’s true."

"Somehow the sad event is sad, and you accept it as it is. I tried to avoid a negative emotion and then I got tired."

"Exactly. That day when I had got writers block, I brought some pieces of paper to my English conversation school that were blank. Then I and my teacher found the theme of the newsletter while we enjoyed talking.

And I said to him that I had got writer’s block, but he said that you should tell your readers. I agreed with him at once. It was in neutral."

"I understand the way to accept things as they are. It's because I have stiff shoulders, that I am relieved."

That day I got writer’s block was a full moon. My English teacher said, "I think it’s positive because only real writers get writer’s block so you graduated. You are a real writer! That’s a positive sign."

That phrase awoke me.

At the full moon night, I wrote on a piece of paper that I had graduated from an amateur writer and let it go. And then I burned it.

It’s important to know about handling rejections. We usually think that positive things make a flow
but people who keep going know even though negative things happen to them, they accept it as it is and let it go of negativity, focus on possibilities and they will find the key to open the future door.


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Hitomi Horiguchi


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