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Let’s talk about my
Go with the flow/
Just happening/
Personal foundation triangle!


My acquaintance gave me some tickets for an Ikebana exhibition. The tickets let me go three times
but I couldn’t go to see the third one so I suddenly asked my nieces to use all tickets. The school of flower arrangement was not traditional style but creative works so my nieces seemed to enjoy finding
something like they were searching for treasure.

There was a work-shop for bamboo sticks in the part of the exhibition. My little nieces tried to make something. The bamboo stick was 75 cm and they would make something from one bamboo stick with some pipe cleanes and veins of a leaf. The material that they could use was limited in number.

I thought it was difficult to think of completed three-dimensional image even for adults so I told them some example.

"What do you want to make? A ribbon or a flower?" As a staff helped them, I left there and waited until they had finished.

My eight year-old niece made a ribbon shape and my six- year old niece made an abstract shape but it had a very good balance of colors.

"What's that? Did you have decide to make something before making it?", I asked her.

"Nope! I waited to see what would happen if I just improvised."

I was impressed that she didn’t have an aim but there was an aim somehow. That makes sense!
I’d say life is like that.

Jim Carry says, "There are just things happening."
A famous painter once said, "I let the painting tell me what to do."

People think, "I should do this to become that." but on the other hand why not say, "If I try this what is going happen?" that means the unexpected often happens in life.

I wonder if she will be like in the future?


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Hitomi Horiguchi


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