★The art of giving something

Dear Readers,

Have you ever taught kids about life?
In ordinary life, adults are always being tested by things.


"What’s inside?"

My nieces looked at me with excites faces.

I sometimes give them presents so they can guess what the things are that they would be given as they get older and older.I gave them clothes that I bought in Paris or toys in London so they expect me to give something nice. But this year, I bought practical things that they were looking for when they were playing.

So I said, "These presents are practical things that you are usually looking for when you play. And you shouldn’t expect the present to be much. Because if you don’t expect much, you will feel happier. That’s life. Don’t expect too much."

"I see."

I wraped them seperately to enjoy opening them. First, they found a plastic case, twelve colored pens and a drawing pad. They liked the pink boxes of the pens.Next, they found some sweets in a vinyl sack. They also liked it.Finally, they were trying to pick the last present in a big red sock while saying, "3,2,1"

"Wow! Ha ha ha !" They burst into laughter.

I gave them drawing dolls.

"That's nicer than I thought."

"I think so."

"Not to expect too much."
Of course we might judge things within ourselves but it’s certain that we can say "Thank you for giving me." even more than that.

Adults know about not expecting too much but we don’t have to become a miser. I want to be an adult who enjoys thinking about presents and giving them.


Have a great week☆彡

Thanks for reading!
Hitomi Horiguchi


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