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“I got a review I haven’t been longing for.”
Two clients said the same thing.

They want to get more customers
but they think some customers are good,
and other customers are bad
but any feedback is good feedback, isn’t it?

I thought like them before
and thus my thoughts created a perfect
but illusionary reality.

I was hoping for something
but hoping it wouldn’t happen too.
And in those moments what I hoped wouldn’t happen
was a stronger hope than the other.

If you want to feel happy,
you should find what makes you happy.

She(He) is interested in you so she emailed you.
She is interested in you so she is here.
That seems to make you feel grateful.

After the session the client emailed me.

“I got some big orange roses
and a potted peony from a flower shop owner
because I was ready to receive anything.
I was surprised but really chuffed to receive them.”

Sounds like she focuses on happiness
and then unexpected gifts came to her.


Thank you for always reading.
Have a good week!

Hitomi Horiguchi


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