YOMU-SAPULI ★A balloon on the breeze doesn't know where it will land.

Dear Readers,
What's up?
Ever wondered where those balloons land?
Anyway, how about reading this?


A client had been longing to draw something for ages
and so she had already bought some painting equipment
but she hadn't done any painting at all.

I suggested her to start a blog
and draw something every single day.

Now 6 months later,
she is hoping not to draw just as a hobby
but also as a job and has been looking for
a job related to art and said,

"I guess I would probably be able to
find something new by doing these things.

Either she has no intention to do anything
or she just really doesn't know
what she wants to do in the future.

I thought maybe her image was out of focus
because she said that she didn't know why,
but she had spent 8 years at her place of work,
so I thought she needs to update her way of thinking.
Therefore I changed her focus as follows.

" I think the future is a blueprint
and the present comes from there.
Why don't you decide your goal?
Sound like your purpose for traveling is not know.
You know, A fashion designer travels to find inspiration
for their collection, but why do you travel? "

"I see, I haven't traveled like that
I just drift though life now."

I help her find and develop a blueprint for the future.
So now, she has some ideas of her future.

The phrase 'Go with the flow' means not a balloon
that floats up into the air but a hot-air balloon
that steers course toward a goal.

Don't wait for the future to come to you.
Meet it in the middle.

You can't reach out and grab it,
if you know what you want.


Have a good week!

Hitomi Horiguchi


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