YOMU-SAPULI ★The Art of relaxing

Dear Readers,

Knock! Knock! Are you finished in there?
Give me 10 seconds. I'm enjoying my Alpha wave.


A client who is a manger changed his hair-style
and saw his staff but they didn't say anything
about his hair-style so he realized he hadn't made a close
relationship with them and that was the problem.

And he's getting more staff next month
so he decided to ask me how to change.

I know him so I was surprised.
That doesn't seem like him to me.

So I came to think that he might have a face
he wears at work that is different
to how he is in his free time.

People who don't know how to relax don't know
how to get into a relaxed mood.

His dentist said,
"You grind your teeth in your sleep."
He didn't know that.

I used to be told the same thing.
I tried harder. And then I noticed I need to relax
and started doing yoga and getting chiropractic treatment.

My yoga teacher says that alpha wave is secreted
in the brain after we go to the bathroom,
so we should wait there for ten seconds
and try to recognize how you feel at that moment.

When I got chiropractic treatment,
I felt less stiffness in my shoulder
than ever and knew how it is to be physically normal.
Amazingly, it was very light.

After all, jokes make people relax.
My English teacher is a master of making jokes.
I said to him, "No way!" "No way!"
It means "Nandeyanen" in Osaka.

Even though my client lives in Osaka
he has forgotten about the importance of jokes.
I suggested he goes to see a comedy at a theater.

This way of relaxing is alpha wave
plus letting our body go limp plus jokes.

You don't need to spend your holiday at a resort,
you can have a relaxing time in your daily life.

There is a resort on every corner of a busy day,
we just need to know how to see it.


Have a good week!

Hitomi Horiguchi


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