YOMU-SAPULI ★How to recognize your chance.

Dear Readers,

Life is full of chances but
which ones have your name on?


“Is this a chance or not? How can I tell ?
I usually hear that from my client.

I’d say knowing what you want is the first step
and if you do that, you're sure to get more chances in the future.
So when you think “Is this a chance? “
that means you haven’t decided on your future yet.

The action of practicing can make a better future
but in terms of chances, they only come to you
when you have decided what you want in the future.
So then when a coincidence happens to you,
you know it must be a chance.

People who can imagine their future say
“I knew this was going to happen.”
They know that everything that catches their eye is a message.

If you can't imagine your future,
you just do small things you have to do everyday
so there isn't enough space to pick up
on the signs that relate to your future.
It’s like growing on poor soil.

First of all, improves your soil gradually
and a great idea will come to you from within.
It’s a new seed! Sow a seed for your future.



「have name on it」は、

Come on, Paul,
there's one piece of apple pie left
and it's got your name on it.



Have a good week!

Hitomi Horiguchi


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