YOMU-SAPULI ★People hardly ever do anything by themselves.

Dear Readers,

They say, you are never more than
six feet away from a genius.

What are your friends great at doing?
What might you be able to do together if you worked together?


The other day, I went to the exhibition of Van Gogh & Genguin
and I also saw a movie called “Genius”on the same day.
Both of them taught us about developing a bond.

I thought they happened to meet each other
for the reason of doing good in the world.
Even though it has been over 100 years,
their works and their relationship have remained attractive to us.

If you switch gear from“me” to “we”,
for doing what is in front of you,
working for a company,
making a contribution to people,
you would need someone’s help.

Anyway, how we can happen to encounter such a coincidence,
do you search for it on the internet?

When I was a shop manager,
I wanted staff to develop their skill of selling
so at first I had them write a report about their daily sales
and enter the results into a computer so that
they were more conscious about their daily goal
but they quit both after a month.

And then, I let go of the desire to change them
and I looked for another way to get increased sales.

One day I read a book and found an amazing sentence,
“You’ve already met people who will help you.”
and I thought about them from a different angle.

She teaches me about fashion!
He follows my development!
She has a lot of ideas!
They have a sense of fashion that is stronger than mine.
I realized I’ve already met the people I need.
So I studied coaching to elicit their best performances.

We got increasing sales even though
we had the same members as a year ago.

Do it on your own or with the help of someone.

When I looked at others, I realized my role.
People understand themselves through other people.

Assuming you already know all the people you need,
now when you look at the people around you what can’t you achieve?


Have a good week!

Hitomi Horiguchi


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