YOMU-SAPULI ★True happiness can not be felt alone.

Dear Readers,

It's November.
Look at the number eleven and
you'll see two ones helping each other.
Let's be more like them this month.


If she was a door and my questions were keys which key would open her lock?

A client had been thinking about an event that was for an artist
who published a new book in Japan.
“How should I plan the event to promote the book in Japan?" She asked herself.
The book sounds good but she doesn't seem to enjoy planning the event.

I changed the question to one which would help her to not be stuck in a rut.

"He's coming to Japan for the first time so you should make him pleased?”

Then, she began to imagine the future
and she could make some better questions like
“Where is the best place for him?
What kind of people should I inform?
What would be good for future sales promotion in Japan?”

When she focuses on the figures and results,
her image was like a black-and-white film,
but when she focuses on the artist
she already knows, her imagination becomes colored.
People often fall into this trap.

Top among suitable topics is the present.
I watched a movie called “Me Before You”last month.
It was heart-worming and thought provoking so I love it!
An interesting scene for me is Louisa's Birthday present.

Patrick gave her a necklace of the letters "Patrick."
On the other hand, Will gave her “bumblebee tights”
that were only the best tights ever for her.
She talked about the tights she loved, when she was a kid.
He remembered the story.

"Me before you" or
"How can I make them (him/her) pleased?"
"What do I want?"

When we leave self-conscious, we use our imagination.
Without a mirror you can't see your own smile,
but smile at someone and you'll see your smile on their face.

The best happiness comes when you make other people happy.


Have a good week!

Hitomi Horiguchi


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