Sensing the fifth dimension.


...Hold on. I just got a message from the future.... 
If only it was that simple. Recognizing signs is difficult but not impossible.

‘Have you seen this movie Interstellar? I watched it recently, it changed my life. It’s my new favorite movie. You’ll like it because his daughter sees a sign and tells to her dad ‘it’s a sign.’ but he says ‘it’s not a sign.’ because he is scientific. Then as the story progresses he came to realized it was a sign in a very big, huge way which changes the universe. It was the greatest sign ever. His daughter saw it but he couldn’t see it. You should watch it with head phones. The music is a quite important...’

My English teacher told me about ‘Interstellar’ enthusiastically. Recently I noticed an awareness of synchronicity many times so I searched about it on the internet. And then, I reached an article which was written about ‘Interstellar’ too! It’s a sign! I was dying to see it that day.

And then I was surprised at an e-mail that informed me of the download log of my free book ‘Kanaism’. The name of the downloader was the person I wanted to read it the most. The person was my mentor’s son. The reason I wrote the story was that I wanted him to read it in the future.

 At midnight I started watching the movie ‘Interstellar’ in my room by projecting it on the wall all over. I didn’t understand about the technical language of the universe like the attraction of gravity, Wormhole, etc... But the sight of great space, from a space-ship was interesting and I wondered about the concept that space time goes by more slowly than on the earth. When I was watching it, I got sucked into its world like a black hole.

I saw before I knew it, the main character floating in a fifth dimensional space where the past, the present and the future existed simultaneously. The story finally connected to the beginning of the story. His daughter noticed the sign that came from the future! It was a story with many episodes foreshadowing the events to come.

And I thought my story is the same. I wrote the book to say thank you to my mentor and I wanted to tell his son ‘Your dad taught me a lot of things. It will be useful for your future, too! ‘

I think that the sense is the fifth dimension as the movie says.  

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