Q.7月。どんな人生を歩みたいですか?| What life do you want?

My coach once said, “I ask clients questions to remind them of what they have forgotten.”


 Just because you see the yoga positions of an instructor, it doesn't always mean you can do yoga. On the other hand, a good yoga instructor shows some positions before the final position and then you can approach completion. 

 I think coaching questions are the same. Your answer is starting to take shape the by the coach’s guidance. If I ask you, “What life do you want? “as the first question, it would be difficult to answer. But the first question is, “When you were a child, who inspired you?” “What are your formative experiences?” These things you experienced before so you can answer easily.

 それから、「あなたの人生においてのローモデルは?」と質問をしていきます。その幾人かのローモデルを自分と重ね合わせながら、自分がどうあるか? 何ができるのか? を考えてもらいます。そうすると、自分の未来予測も可能になっていきます。やがて「どんな人生を歩みたいですか?」の問いにたどり着くのです。この質問の答えが宇宙へのオーダーとなるでしょう。

 And then I will ask you “Who are your role models in life? “ Seeing them and what they do reminds you of what you can be and what you can do, so you can imagine your future now. Then you reach this question “ What life do you want? “ Your answer will be sent to the universe as your order.  


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