Beginner cougher goes pro.

“Beyond” is the theme of 1D1U’s 6th camp so I have already gone beyond before the camp.

 “I’m a beginner at coughing.” I didn’t know there was a mask which can curve so smoothly nowadays, even a wet mask was invented. What’s that? I’ve never tried manuka honey. I heard a rumor about it. I didn’t know about Relvar a cold medicine, that is a corticosteroid inhaler. I had to ask a pharmacist “what a generic drug is?.” twice. When I coughed, I felt hot and took off my sweater but my friend said “it’s getting worse. because to kill bacteria a body needs to be warm.”

 It’s been three weeks since I had a cough. My coughs don’t know how to stop. I wondered when I would reach the pinnacle of my coughing. Even though I take medicines, it was still going on. I stayed at home all day everyday but I went to the spa everyday because I could stop coughing there. I felt so comfortable at that moment.
 On a full-moon day, I felt my coughing finally reach its pinnacle. I asked Google, “a spasm of coughing.” And then I found an amazing method to stop coughing. It said, “Put Vicks Vapo rub on the feet to help with a cough.” “Oh, my gosh!” Japanese people don’t know about that.

 I went to a pharmacy even though it was 11pm. I finally got wet masks. Before sleeping I did yoga. It could also help to stop my coughs and put Vicks VapoRub on my Feet. Put on my small humidifier. It was perfect! I didn’t cough for the first ten minutes but after that I couldn’t help coughing. My singing teacher said steam was good for coughing. So I turned on a facial sauna for 30 minutes. It was getting worse! I used a lot of Nepia, and it could help clean out my nose completely, but the wet mask didn’t work because of my loud cough. The battle was over.

 The next morning I felt I finally got every bad guy out of my body. I haven’t gotten well completely.

 We can’t force sickness. It just happens. Maybe, It’s trying to tell us something. It forces us to stop and gives us time to think. It remains us of how delicate the balance inside our bodies is.

 But, I’m beyond thinking about it!


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