The art of 'The Straw Millionaire.'

Dear Readers, 

Some stories never go out of fashion. We can learn so much from a good fable. What are you going to exchange your straw for? Your story starts here! 

Once upon a time, there was a shop manager who struggled to increase her shop’s sales.

One day she asked her acquaintance. "Would you introduce me to someone who has a great network?"

Then she met him and he gave her a book about making a living on what one likes to do.
She was not interested in things that she sold, the only reason she took the job there was because she was looking for a managerial position.

So she was not trying to live off what she likes she tried to find what she liked in her work. She thought that she liked to send e-mails about new items to her customers.

After a year, she transferred to another shop. The problem of the shop was that there were very few repeaters.
And then, She came up with a great idea. "I know! I will do customer management of all the customers of this shop. I will send newsletters to them.

But it was not easy to send pictures to their mobile phones at that time so some of them refused the newsletter. It broke her heart.

One day she asked another acquaintance who was an entrepreneur and he said,
"If your salary was 1,000,000 yen a month what would you do?"
"If so, I would want to make a website for my shop!"
"So just do it!"
 "You can buy a Homepage builder in Bic camera."

She created a website for her shop in only 5 days even though it was the first time for her. She got absorbed in making it and she uploaded to it at home after work every night.

One day a member of staff asked her, "Can you upload to it in our shop?."
"I know! My friend taught me how to start a blog two months ago. I can upload to a blog here."

She started blogging immediately. And she blogged every single day and developed little by little. It was getting more and more popular.

Finally her shop sales increased dramatically. And then she met a mentor and he lead her to become an entrepreneur. Thirteen years have passed since then.

And She can keep continuing her own business. This story is like "Warashibe Choja" (The Straw Millionaire), isn't it!

Based on a Hitomi’s "rags to riches" story.

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Thanks for reading!

 Hitomi Horiguchi


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