Can you say ‘I’m doing well ?

Dear Readers, Saying ‘No’ is like closing a door, saying ‘Yes’ is like opening a door to place where there are many more doors. 

‘I can’t say ‘I’m doing well.’ to myself. But people around me might say 'You are doing well.’ because I do something outside like go to school to get a certification on weekends.’ 

‘You do what you think you should do but you can’t see a noticeable difference. By the way, you went to graduate school from last month that is a different action to last year. Have unexpected things happened since then? ‘

‘Well... But it’s what I expected after all.’

‘Well... That’s where you have already decided, so you don’t think outside-the-box. You might say ‘No’ to other people’s ideas. What a party pooper!’

‘I tried to choose but I didn’t choose at all.’

‘You need to provide a good service and be out for oneself. For me, I try to do the suggestion someone gave me and to make someone surprised.’ 

‘It’s hard for me to accept the blame. Oh, by the way, there was such a thing. My boss asked us ‘Any volunteers?’ but nobody raised their hand so I said I’ll do that. Because it’s waste of time and nobody answered and it can’t be helped. I didn’t want to do that so I would do it to a minimum.’

‘It’s a place to make an appeal about your work. If you think of it as a chance and be grateful for, it will connect to a better future. That was very appreciated. And you should do it more than people expected. And then you would be elected to leader or something. Other powers come into play and you’ll get a good break.’ 

‘I haven’t done anything like that.’ 

 ‘It’s about time you need to be honest. You should’t have to have your own way too much. Just do what someone asked you but do it to exceed others expectations. I think it’s a sign. The things are a good trial for you to develop yourself. And finally you would feel I’m doing very well!’

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