【YOMU-SAPULI 】Finding the key that will open the future door.

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I talked about this story to my friend and she said "I will drop my key on purpose." Don't do that if you are a good boy or a good girl.


That day was a full-moon. I asked my spiritual counselor to have a session. I thought that I would get inspired from the session for the last half of the year.

"I see, in Brooklyn you dropped the card key for your house, sounds like it was a sign. The key is a key. If you try to open the future door yourself,you won't be able to open it. That is to say, the key you have now can't open the future door."

"That make sense. It's a massage. That's deep because the key can't be used in the USA. If someone finds it, they have nothing to gain so I'm sure the message told me something."

"To leap into the future, I guess you can't use a key you used to have."

"The day after I came back from Brooklyn, my card key was changed for a new one, so I kind of live in a new room now.!"

"Rather than what physically happened, it's a symbolic message indeed."

That night, I tired to let go of negative feelings under the full moon. Like, "I can't take it anymore," "Oh, God! You got me."I felt I always did my best and I couldn't imagine what I want to be in the future, but that's a positive thing.

I felt I should imagine a new vision for the world apart from me and I realized the future door wouldn't open without a new key.

After letting go, one thing leads to another. Two co-seminars have been planed, I could make a video of my mega-cleaning set at my friends house and my acquaintance will move to an apartment where I live and she wants to help with my work.

Somehow people I know have begun to gather around me. Moreover some clients have changed dramatically. When I heard that, I felt my session was a key to making them become stronger than usual.

I wondered what the reason people came to me for was and what was the meaning of it all. I noticed that I sometimes underestimated myself.

I wrote about that on my idle thoughts note book that I sometimes open. When I was about to write something on the next page and then I noticed the page was the last of the note book. I looked at the beginning of the note book. It started in June of 2015. I felt that something had finished and I was to open a new chapter.


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Hitomi Horiguchi



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