The art of connecting with other people.

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It’s good to make a lot of friends but it’s difficult to make a bond with someone. A bunch of grapes stick together because of their bonds but grains of rice can be scattered easily.


"When I saw old friends for the first time in a while, we just saw each other that day and wouldn’t meet again, so I wanted to keep in touch with them. Well, I thought about organizing an event and telling them about the event but I’m afraid that nobody would come", my client said.

People who can gather participants dosen’t focus on fear but they focus on possibilities that participants would like the event. And then people would come. In other words, they don’t focus on a result but a process, a love not a fear.

Anyway, how can one have a sense of connecting with other people?

She is going to see her old friend who had a turning point recently and she wonders if she should say something to encourage her. She prepared something to say but her friend didn’t need encouragement so she had been thinking about another thing to say.

The other day she walked in a street and she received an information about a lost dog, at that time she thought she should find the dog and had been thinking about it all day.

"Sounds like you are preoccupied with thoughts about the other people and the dog instead of what is in front of you. You don’t live in the now", I said.

It seems like people are concerned about strangers's comments on SNS.

"To connect with people, I think that I'd better socialize with people."

"If you want to connect with people, you should deepen a relationship rather than widening relationships. To deepen a bond with someone in front of you now will make you happy."

"Deepening rather than widening."

"Yes, when you deepen a bond that makes you have a sense of connecting. Christmas is just round the corner! When I gave a present to my nephew, I ordered it on Amazon, and then the box was so big
and my nieces were excited about what was inside. You can make your children be pleased before they open presents from Santa Claus."

"Oh, I did it in the easiest way like a routine. That's bothersome."

"I see, you should engage in Santa’s work seriously."

We should think about people in front of us rather than people far off. And then we can live in the now and that makes you happier.


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Hitomi Horiguchi


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